Monday, 1 August 2011

The Long And The Short Of It...

In common with so many writers who are not (yet) at the Joanne Rowling stage of having 4 people simply to deal with their royalty cheques, I have to juggle my passion for writing with a full-time intensive and pressurised day job. Some time ago, this led me directly to a difficult decision.

Having written full length (mainly historical) novels of around 130,000 words taking me upwards of a year to complete and with an ever-increasing workload at the day job, I couldn’t carry on this way. So, I could either stop writing (not an option), give up the day job (tempting, but, sadly, not financially viable) or I could write something shorter.

Spurred on by the success of fellow determined writers at Litopia (, I explored the shorter novel, short stories and novellas. I also switched hats, bade a fond farewell (or perhaps ‘au revoir’) to the historical genre and returned to my first love – paranormal fiction.

Suddenly I turned a corner, found I could now perform my juggling act without crashing out so much AND the bonus was that the publishing contracts started coming in.

I have found that I like the discipline that comes with telling my stories in far fewer words, and the way that tightens up my writing.

And, of course, I am loving the contracts I have been signing recently.

It just goes to show that sometimes the old saying is true. Necessity really CAN be the mother of invention!


  1. I'm writing a novella right now and I LOVE it! Short stories are fun, too.

    Glad you found a balance between work and writing!

  2. Thanks Aubrie. I'm looking forward to reading 'Night Dance' - downloaded at the weekend!