Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Coming Soon - A Ghost Story to Make You Smile

First the Blurb:

Every night, Jane Furnival prays for the souls of the dead celebrities she most admires. Somewhere, in a parallel dimension, those she prays for must gather and it’s an odd assortment of stars – from Jim Morrison, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe to Agatha Christie who’s still writing plotlines in her notebook. But can they help her resolve the biggest crisis in her life? Her formidable, long-dead Aunt Margaret decides if anyone can, Jim Morrison’s her man, so accompanied by Marilyn Monroe in a skin-tight gown, the two set off on a mission to find $5000 before breakfast.

 I am delighted to announce that 'Say A Little Prayer' will be published later this year by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

This is a short story to put a smile on your face. A lighthearted romp featuring the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Marilyn Monroe at their most gorgeous, supported by a cast including John Lennon and Agatha Christie. Nothing heavy about this one, just a story to curl up with and take your mind off the cares of a busy day.

Actual publishing date to be advised. Watch this space! 

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