Tuesday, 18 October 2011

'Cold Revenge' - My New Paranormal/Horror Novella

This is the stunning cover art for my new Horror/Novella, 'Cold Revenge', to be published by Etopia Press on October 28th.

Four couples are invited by leading fashion writer Erin Dartford to a dinner party at her luxuriously converted abbey. But this is no ordinary dinner party. And just who is their mysterious hostess anyway?

For four of them, their past lives are about to catch up with them - with horrific consequences. As for the rest...

You have heard the expression, 'Revenge is a dish best served cold'. Well, let us just say that this is one free dinner invitation they really should have refused.


  1. It's a great cover, and sounds a fun book too... "As for the rest..." Scary.

  2. The cover fits the blurb so well! I'm excited about this one.

  3. Thank you Sheila. Yes, it IS scary! I'm excited too Brinda. Thank you!