Friday, 17 February 2012

Out Today! The Demons of Cambian Street

Sometimes evil wears a beautiful face...

After her illness, the quiet backwater of Priory St Michael seemed the ideal place for Stella to recuperate. But in the peaceful little town, something evil is slumbering, waiting for its chance to possess what it desires. When Stella and her husband move into the long-empty apartment, they're unaware of what exists in the cupboard upstairs, the entrance to an evil that will threaten both their lives.

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my latest paranormal horror novella, published by those lovely people at Etopia Press.

The inspiration for this came from a creepy, dark and brooding walk-in  cupboard in my own home. The building dates from the eighteenth century and has gone through a number of metamorphoses over the 250+ years of its life. 

Opening the door to that cupboard brings you face to face with some of them. Your imagination does the rest. Its dark in there and you can't see the back of it. It rambles and has an inner doorway through which you can glimpse an enormous artificial Christmas tree, beyond which is blackness.

An extract from 'The Demons of Cambian Street'  is published on a separate page on this website and I can tell you that, while writing this, some odd things happened. We know our apartment is haunted and have had a whole host of strange phenomena to deal with. Thankfully none have been as frightening as Stella's ordeal. 


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