Saturday, 11 February 2012

Who Would You Take Into The Interview With You?

I saw the first episode of the second series of that excellent BBC2 series, "Roger and Val Have Just Got In" a couple of days ago and Val (played by the ever-superb Dawn French), was faced with the prospect of an interview for the Deputy Headship of the school where she is currently employed as a teacher of Food Technology.

Her nerves were a-jangling and she had devised a cardboard box on which she had pasted the faces of three strong women she intended to 'take' in with her to the interview to give her courage and the right personal strengths and qualities to impress the selection panel. (Click here to see what I mean ) She chose Martina Navratilova, Hillary Clinton and Margaret Mountford from 'The Apprentice' (UK version). OK, it's a comedy-drama (a well-written and performed one in my view, although I know it doesn't appeal to everyone). It did, however, strike a chord. 

Most of us have role models - people whose attitudes, achievements, strengths and qualities we aspire to. We all have our own experiences of job interviews - and of scary situations in general. 

When you are faced with a particularly daunting situation, whose strengths and qualities would you wish to draw on in your hour of need? Who would you mentally transport in with you if you could?

I think my scary situation - but one to which I aspire (as Val does in the programme) - would be the opportunity to negotiate a deal for the filming of my novella, 'Cold Revenge'. I would be scared rigid and would need:

Kathryn Bigelow - the first female director to win an Oscar who fearlessly took on the male dominated world of film directing - even going up against her former husband ('Titanic's' James Cameron) and beating him. This lady has got guts, and isn't going to be intimidated. I need that if I'm going to get the best deal.

Oprah Winfrey - OK, an obvious choice but my reasons would be that in 'Oprah mode', I would overcome my insecurities when sitting opposite a panel of hard-nosed businessmen, and just go for it anyway!

Karren Brady - She must be one of the most persuasive, groundbreaking and fearless women on the planet. At the tender age of 23, she convinced her boss to buy the financially ailing Birmingham City Football Club. Prior to that, if a woman turned up in a Boardroom of a UK Football Club, the exclusively male board would have probably said, "Milk and two sugars in mine, please luv"!
Then,as its MD, she transformed Birmingham City so that four years later, it was valued at £25 million (approx $40 million). Add her to the two above, and I couldn't fail to come away with a platinum deal!

Now it's your turn. Who would be your three, in what situation - and why?

(By the way, if you want to see that episode of "Roger and Val Have Just Got In", you can watch it on BBC iPlayer 
But hurry as it's only there for a limited time)


  1. Sounds a great scene. I need to catch up on BBC series.

  2. It is, Sheila and it's a highly original series too.