Monday, 5 March 2012

E-Books Get Their Own Reading Week!

Well, it had to happen - and it's about time. This week is officially 'Read an E-Book Week'.
I started my E-Book life with a Sony ereader and now have a Kindle - without which I would be lost. What did I do before it? Like most bibliophiles, I carted heavy books around. I'm guessing that my right shoulder is somewhat lower than my left as a result of the extra weight it has had to carry around all these years. Now though, I can just fish out my lightweight Kindle while I'm waiting for trains, buses, appointments - or my husband!

Then, of course, there's the space-saving element. Currently in the throes of a major house move, I am all too aware that most of the boxes I'm packing are filled with books. I just hope we can squeeze them all in at the other end.

Not that I'm about to ditch all those wonderful printed books we have amassed over the years. They are far too precious and there is still nothing like the thrill of opening a new book, the smell of the pages, the relaxation of curling up on the sofa, latest Stephen King in hand, glass of red wine on the coffee table. Bliss...

But there is simply no denying that, for sheer convenience, the E-Book is a welcome invention and, frankly, anything that gets people reading has got to be a Good Thing, hasn't it?

I am a little behind with my E-Book reading (well, a lot if I'm honest). Sue Swift's latest 'Lord Devere's Ward' (see my interview Sue Swift) and Aubrie Dionne's A Hero Rising (A New Dawn) are next on my list and I must make a special mention of Peter Giglio's gripping 'A Spark in The Darkness' - a must for all horror fans. I enjoyed that story so much, I went onto read 'Anon', his earlier book about corporate terror. Brilliant! And while we're on the subject of horror, if you haven't read 'Diavolino' and 'Kid' by Steve Emmett, load up your Kindle or Nook book now. You won't regret it. And let's not forget Kiran Hunter, Julia Kavan, K. W. Taylor, Susan Roebuck. The list goes on. All great writers with whom to spend a happy few hours.

 So many E-Books - so little time. Enjoy 'Read an E-Book Week' - and share your joys with me here


  1. Thanks for the mention, Cat :-) One of the best things about getting an e-reader (I have a Kindle)was discovering a whole new world of authors. Plus there's a wonderful array of short horror stories in e-book form to choose from if I'm just looking for a quick read. I think I buy more shorts and novellas at the moment. It's great to have that option :-)

  2. I agree Julia. I think E-Books have really opened up the short story and novella form. It was never economic to publish such short works by traditional methods but E-Publishing makes any length of story viable.

  3. It's actually quite comforting to know someone else who admits to being a little behind with ereading. I love my kindle, but, like the childhood "eyes too big for the belly," my kindle's hard drive's too big for the time available.

  4. Sheila - very well put! I empathise.

  5. Oh I have Peter Giglio's on my waiting list. AND your Cambian Street that blinks at me every time I open my Kindle. I love having a backlog. Cat, I've awarded you a Sunshine Award - it's on my blog if you want to collect it.

  6. Thank you Sue. I shall pop along. Emjoy 'Demons'!

  7. Thanks for the mention, and I hope you enjoy Lord Devere's Ward.