Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Sunshine Award on a Sunny Spring Day!

My lovely writer friend, Susan Rosebuck, has given me a Sunshine Award.
She is the author of the stunning Perfect Score - a moving story of two young men from very different backgrounds, the passion and struggles they face. If you haven't read it yet, prepared to be hooked from the first page!

In line with the rules of The Sunshine Award, here are ten things that make me smile:

1. A perfect rainbow set against a leaden sky (saw one once across the M62 motorway near Huddersfield. Awesome!)
2. My cat Mimi, purring
3. Kittens (I just melt)
4. Landing at Schwechat Airport in Vienna
5. Sunset over the sea or on the Nile
6. Watching Richard Hawley in concert
7. A really good Margaux
8. Finishing my edits and feeling the story really works
9. Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' installation on Crosby beach (known colloquially as The Iron Men)
10. This lovely walk down by the river in Hay on Wye

OK, now I'm passing this on to some other lovely writer friends:


  1. oh I'd love to do that walk in Hay on Wye. And there's something about cats purring, isn't there? Just checking my Kindle - I have TWO of your stories to read...yummy (should be one of my favorite things)

  2. Kittens are pretty sweet. I thinking I need a vacation soon because I'd like to walk right into one of your photos above. Both look wonderful! Thanks for the sunshine. I sure need it. :)

  3. Sue - thank you for that lovely comment. Hope you enjoy them both. Brinda - I'm five minutes away (less probably) from the Iron Men but will be a couple more miles further from them as of next week. The river walk in Hay will look just like the photograph in around 4 weeks time (or maybe sooner, given the mild weather.)Just close your eyes and you're there...

  4. Wow! Thanks for the Sunshine Award. I'm intrigued by the Iron Men--is this an art project on a beach near Liverpool? If so I have heard of it but neglected to visit last time I was in the UK. I'll out it on my mental list for next trip!

  5. I'm sure I've seen that rainbow on the M62 too!

  6. Hi Sue. The so-called Iron Men are a collection of sculptures by Anthony Gormley which are placed along the beach in Crosby, north Liverpool. The proper name for this work is 'Another Place'. As the tide ebbs and flows, some become completely submerged. Originally they were only supposed to stay there for a few months before moving on elsewhere but they became a popular tourist attraction, so the council bought them. Rather like the 'Superlambanana' (I really must blog about this!), local people either love them or hate them. Here's a link:

  7. Thank you for the award! A lot of those things make me smile as well! Especially finishing my edits and feeling like the story works. That's a big one.

  8. Thanks for the ray of sunshine, Cat :-) I hope to go and see 'Another Place' next time we are up in that direction!

  9. My pleasure Kiran. You may see more than you bargained for. From time to time, someone will dress one of them up (there are 100 of them). In January, one was photographed in a fur (hopefully fake) coat (well, it was a very cold day). A couple of years ago, someone dressed one of them up in full Liverpool FC kit!