Friday, 28 September 2012

Miss Abigail's Room Revealed!

Miss Abigail's Room will be published by Etopia Press in all digital (ebook) formats in the next few weeks.

Scary, creepy and resonating with Gothic atmosphere, I can promise this is not a story to read on your own at night. Especially not if you live in a house with creaky floorboards...doors whose hinges need oiling...or anywhere near a doll.

Don't have nightmares...


  1. Great cover! Erm, it's got a scary doll in it....? :-)

  2. You've been a busy one haven't you :) It looks great!

  3. Thank you all! I love it too. Really captures the atmosphere. And yes, Julia, it has...

  4. Seriously great. I know we don't judge a book by one...but in this instance.....
    Will facebook this!
    Shehanne Moore