Friday, 14 September 2012

Published Today! Touched By Darkness

Touched by Darkness
Twelve Tales of Evil, Inside and Out

Twelve tales of horror that delve into the shadows secreted within...and the darkness that stalks beyond.

“Trust” by Peter Giglio
“Attachment” by Dee Pratt
“Dreaming, Not Sleeping” by Julia Kavan
“Evelyn Thayer” by Ronn E Taylor
“In My Lady's Chamber” by Catherine Cavendish
“Masked” by Matthew Cherry
“Black Habits” by Elson Meehan
“Be Seeing You” by Keith Melton
“Stew” by Patrick Anderson Jr.
“Teaching Man” by Nell DuVall
“The Dead Hate the Living” by Thomas Gueli
“We Shadows Have Offended” by K.W. Taylor

 As you'll see, my ghost story - In My Lady's Chamber - is included in this wonderfully eclectic anthology of scary, chlling, creepy and frightening horror stories; proving once again just what a versatile genre Horror really is.

Touched by Darkness is available here: 
Don't have nightmares...

As soon as Lydia sees Goose Green Farm, she knows something’s wrong. Why would John bring her to a derelict farmhouse miles from anywhere in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors? Refusing her pleas to go home, she can see that something is happening to him. As they enter the house, he seems possessed by a sinister presence that draws him to it and threatens his very existence. A terrified Lydia knows she will have to do whatever she can to rescue him from the clutches of a spirit who is hell-bent on revenge.

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