Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Day Time Slipped - Ronn E Taylor

In the second of my series of strange - but true - experiences, I am joined by Ronn E. Taylor, author of Evelyn Thayer:

It was June, 2001.  I was living in Detroit, Michigan, struggling with being a songwriter and hating the overall direction of my life and my job in retail.  It was during this time I began having a series of very vivid dreams.  Some so clear, I realized that they weren't meant to be told to anyone or even, understood by me at that time.  However, one in particular would prove to be very telling years later.  

It this one dream, I'm walking down a very beautiful street with wonderful homes lined up on each side.  The one thing I recalled the most was this feeling of peace and hope I was experiencing as I ventured down this unknown street.  There weren't any people or things that stood out, just these wonderful homes.  Inside this dream, I began to wonder if this was what heaven looked like?  But there wasn't any streets of gold or angelic beings floating about.  I tucked away this dream somewhere in the back of my logic as other dreams and the business of life,  would take front and center.  

Fast forward to July 2008.  I had come to a decision to pursue my once held dream of becoming a writer and begun writing what would become the first chapter of my first novel.  I was also in a very good place in my personal life.  In love with what I believed was the 'girl of my dreams' ( obviously, some dreams are mere delusions) and a job, although not great, but eh.  But what I enjoyed most, was my shabby, one bedroom apartment in the wonderful community of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  The place I now called, home.  I loved the beauty of the quaint community.  The small shops, the 'mom and pop' feel of the area.  

One day after finishing a 8 mile run on an extended part of a new route I had began to take.  I was walking through this community when suddenly, I was arrested by this weird sensation.  Not so much Deja Vu, but this sense that I was standing or walking in the past.  I was living inside a moment I first saw in a dream I had 7 years earlier.  I was down a street with beautiful homes on either side of the street, feeling a sense of peace and well being.  I had never ran in this area before, so I really didn't know anything about it until that day. I didn't even understand why I decided to take this route.   My first reaction was to totally dismiss it as 'coincidental'.  But as I had learned from previous dreams, nothing is truly, coincidence.  I think sometimes heaven understands that we all need moments to keep us on the path that will lead us to our destiny.  Sometimes all that is required is the trusted wisdom of a friend or in this case, pulling back the curtains to allow me to get a glimpse of better times ahead.  In any event, I'm grateful for it and will always cherish the blessing it has been in my life. 

 Evelyn Thayer is available as a standalone short story Here and you can find out more about Ronn E. Taylor on his Website

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Thank you, Ronn!

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