Monday, 22 April 2013

Meet The New Carrie - Same As The Old Carrie?

I am a Stephen King fan. I love his books, the way he writes, his unceasing ability to create original storylines, with characters, plots and settings that make me sorry when I've finished the novel.

I frequently enjoy the films based on those books. Carrie was one of the first books of his I read and I think it was also the first adaptation I saw at the cinema. Chilling, original, frightening. Sissy Spacek played the part with wide-eyed horrific naivete. Piper Laurie was indeed the mother from hell. In my opinion, Carrie (made in 1978 and directed by Brian de Palma) stands today as a classic in Horror cinema.

So why try and improve on it? Has that even been achieved? We'll all have to judge for ourselves, of course, but I have just watched the official trailer and, I don't know about you, but I felt I was watching an almost identical film - with different actors.See what you think:

and here's the original:

Maybe it's just me, but did the new version really need to be made?

It's out in the US on October 18th. Let me know what you think. Meanwhile, here's the official movie site: Carrie 

and here's a link to a blog I enjoy following:
Talk Stephen King 


  1. They do look awfully alike don't they?

  2. On one hand, if they weren't alike the remakers would be accused of not sticking to the original, but on the other if they are alike - which superficially these are - the question is asked, why bother? Thing is, I say superficially because the original trailer there has a much better atmosphere than the new one, and I think this is the issue. If a remake improves on the original - and let's take, for example, Batman where the new films use modern tecnology to improve on atmoshpere very successfully - the gamble pays off. But the problem is that so many remakes fail miserably, and I have an awful feeling this is going to be one of them.

  3. You're right, Steve. The list of bad and/or unnecessary remakes stretches from here to the furthest planets.To move to a completely different genre for a moment, who on earth thought anyone but Peter Sellers could ever play Clouseau?