Monday, 8 July 2013

Confession Time - At The Summer Sun Awards!


In between trying to keep Lady Fury in order and rounding up pirates (which I imagine is rather like herding cats who've been at the rum barrel), the creative and talented writer, Shehanne Moore, created the Summer Sun Awards and I am delighted to say that I have been awarded one by another creative and talented writer - Noelle Clark!
Thank you, Noelle.

All I have to do is display the sunny logo (done!) and make 8 secret confessions - I mean answer 8 questions. So, here goes:

 1.  Favourite song with summer in the title or the words (give the words)

Not easy to pick just one, when there are so many. I mean, three quarters of all the Beach Boys songs are either about summer or exude summer - and that's just for starters. Anyway, I've settled on this one, which I love: 'Summer Fling' by k.d. lang. It also contains one of my favourite lyrics - "We ran on the beach with Kennedy flair". Says it all really. 

"Early morning mid July,
Anticipation's making me high,
The smell of Sunday in our hair,

We ran on the beach, with Kennedy flair,
Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind,
And you my friend, my new found thing, 
My summer fling"

2.  Favourite book about summer

'Moominsummer Madness' by Tove Jansson. A children's book that works equally well for adults (well, I think so, anyway)

3.  Favourite hot summer film

'The Seven Year Itch'. I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and never tire of watching this film.

4.  Favourite summer memory

As a 6 year old, the day I was handed a shoe box, with loads of airholes punched in it. Inside the box was the tiniest jet black kitten with huge blue eyes. She was a two week old orphan as her mother had been run over by a tractor. I named her Penny and that little scrap lived to be 19 years old. My later cats have had a lot to live up to!

5.  Favourite summer holiday destination

Orkney. The islands have a unique and magical atmosphere

6.  What books will be in your suitcase this summer?

Noelle Clark's Let Angels Fly is on my Kindle and then Stephen King's latest, Joyland and Martin Millar's The Anxiety of Kalix The Werewolf is published in August, so I must read that. I love his quirky characters and original storylines (honestly, you've never met a werewolf like Kalix!)

7.  What's your likely destination this summer?

We've already been to Cornwall (as can be seen from three earlier entries on my blog including this one). In a few weeks we're going to Hay on Wye for a few days of books, books, books!

8.  What hottie would you most like to be sharing the hot days and long nights with this summer?

 If I was single, Christian Bale would be a definite contender. But I'm a faithful sort of girl, so I'll stick with my husband!

Right, that's enough about me, here are the 8 people I've nominated. They've all got fabulous blogs, so why not pop on over and take a peek?

Julia Kavan
Susan Roebuck
Ute Carbone
Jianne Carlo
Brinda Berry
Ally Shields
Elin Gregory
Jerrie Alexander


  1. Oh wow, thanks for the nomination. :) And enjoy your trip to Hay on Wye. Take a sack truck

    1. Oh I will, Elin. I know what happened last time!

  2. Thx for passing the sunshine, Cat! I'll get my questions answered by this weekend! Enjoy the sun!

  3. Thanks for the sunshine, Cat!

  4. Thanks for the sunshine!! Here in Texas we have extra so if you're needing a warm day, just let me know and I will send some your way. I'll try to get mine done soon!!

  5. Yes!! Fabulous post Cat and I loved all your choices. x

  6. Thanks Cat! Boy, we've got an overwhelmingly amount of sunshine here :-)

    1. Ah, certainly beats all the dreary rain and grey skies we've had in the UK recently!

  7. Thanks for the nomination, Cat! *hunts for sunglasses and high-factor sun cream* :-)

    1. Does that mean you're venturing out into the daylight, Julia?!

  8. Thanks for a fabulous post Cat. You are one lady who definitely deserves to receive an award - your blogs are always inspirational, and fun to read. I've never heard of that song by kd lang, but the words are just beautiful. Will check it out. Thanks for your kind words. xx