Friday, 16 August 2013

Purr-fect Love - Heather Sharpe's Cat is a Tomcat with a Difference!


 OK, so I'm a self-confessed cat fanatic. That's no news to anyone who knows me. I love their independence as well as their beauty and grace. As for intelligence, well, I never met a cat who didn't know exactly what he/she wanted - and how to get it. My cat holds actual conversations with me. Yes, she does, oh cynical non-cat people. She speaks, I reply, she responds... and so forth. See? Conversation. We both know exactly what we're saying to each other. Of course, she always has the last word.

Now fellow author, Heather Sharpe has written a book about a cat with a difference. And for all you paranormal romance fans, here's the blurb:

With time running out, there’s no pussyfooting around…

After her fiancé’s last betrayal, Mahri Lassler decides she’d rather become a crazy cat lady than live with another man. Yet when her sister drags her to the animal shelter to make that dream a reality, Mahri just isn’t ready to commit. Not even to a litter of cuddly kittens. But when an odd black and white tomcat reaches through the bars, it’s almost as if he’s choosing her

Cursed by a scorned lover for all eternity, Scottish clansman Morgan Felix resigns himself to living eleven months each year as a cat. Now, nearly a millennium later, he’s trapped in a cage at the animal shelter with no hope in sight. He has to escape before the first day of spring, when he’ll change back into his human form and find himself in a very tight squeeze. So when the pixie-like woman stops just outside the cage, he takes the situation into his own paws and reaches out to touch her hand… 

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  1. Thank you! Yep, cat conversations are definitely real. My cat, the inspiration for Purr-fect Love, does the same.