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Tunneling for Revenge with Travis Sharpe


Today, I'm  delighted to welcome Travis Sharpe, whose latest Suspense/Thriller - Tunneling for Revenge - is out now. I asked him to introduce his novel by telling us a little about the science behind the story. Over to you, Travis:

The secret weapon in Tunneling for Revenge is based on the quantum physics principle of atomic tunneling. The principle of atomic tunneling is based on the fact that all matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of a nucleus which is made up of protons and neutrons. The protons and neutrons are packed tightly together with no space between them. Each nucleus is surrounded by a fixed number of electrons that orbit the nucleus at a fixed distance around the nucleus. They move at the speed of light. The distance between an atomic nucleus and its electrons is significantly larger than the nucleus. As such, the majority of the volume of an atom is empty space. Atomic tunneling occurs when each of the atomic nuclei aligns with the empty space created by the distance between the nucleus and its electrons. When this occurs, the atoms can pass through one another without resistance. This phenomenon doesn’t occur in nature as even the smallest object is composed of trillions and trillions of atoms. The probability of them spontaneously aligning so as to allow atomic tunneling is infinitely low.

In Tunneling for Revenge, Alex has obtained a device from an unidentified source that allows him to pass through solid objects and solid objects to pass through him. His device manipulates the position of each individual atom around him allowing him to behave as an apparition. However, he has to keep his special shoes and gloves. They contain a thin film in the soles of the shoes and on the inside of the gloves that interrupt the signal and allow him not to sink into the core of the earth and be incinerated and to be able to grasp objects.

Of course, this type of object doesn’t exist, but it’d be kind of cool if it did.


Thank you, Travis. Now, to whet your appetite for more, here's the blurb:

Fueled by revenge, guided by an intense hatred for any type of elected or appointed authority, and driven by an inherent need to worship a strong male leader, Alex sets out on a killing spree that will satisfy all three of his psychological crutches. Alex seeks to avenge and free his captured leader. He planned to do this on his own, but prior to embarking on his journey he is approached by a mysterious organization that offers to finance his entire operation. The specialized weapon system that they offer him for the job proves too much to pass up.

agents who caused the downfall of his beloved anarchist cult become aware of his murderous plot, and they engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Alex’s ability to defy physics as a wild card. Thanks to his newfound weapon, Alex avoids capture while paralyzing his enemies with fear. Alex’s mysterious helpers employ the assistance of a local gang whose mission is to assist Alex in finding one of his targets. In so doing, the local gang, Alex, the
agents, and the local police find themselves mixed up in an international gang war for control of the illegal drugs and firearms market in the
United States
. A colossal betrayal finds Alex working on the side of law enforcement with him as a tool to help thwart the influx of foreign gangsters, and them as a tool to help Alex exact revenge on the very man he would have stopped at nothing to protect.

Now for an excerpt: 

 The man pulled his pistol and pointed it at Alex. 
He eased up the stairway toward Alex while Alex shuffled toward the wall.  When the banister shielded the two men from each other’s view, Alex reached down and pushed the button in his right pants pocket.  Making sure to keep his feet perpendicular to the wall, Alex edged closer and closer.  He was ready.  He could’ve simply disappeared, but he wanted the government pig to know what he was dealing with.
            The big man moved back into view.  Alex was staring down the barrel of a large caliber pistol.  Still, he knew the agent was unlikely to shoot him right here, especially when Alex wasn’t brandishing a weapon. 
Through a smirk, Alex said, “I see you want another shot at me big man.  Maybe you should find another hobby.  I’d hate to humiliate you again.”
            His adversary replied, “Sadly enough, I don’t have time for a fight.  You’re under arrest.  Put your hands above your head and turn to face the wall.”
“Fair enough.”
            Alex did as instructed.  He was barely able to refrain from laughing out loud.  He faced the wall.  The agent approached him.  As he did so, he lowered his weapon, holstered it, and pulled out his handcuffs.  He reached for Alex. 
            The instant before the man made contact with his body Alex stepped forward into the wall and disappeared.  He moved through the wall on the fifth floor and into an empty hotel room.  For a few seconds, he gave in to the urge to stand there and laugh at what the big agent must be thinking.  

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