Sunday, 22 December 2013

Linden Manor - The Perfect Cover That Reveals So Much...

Question: What's the best Christmas present your new publisher can give you?
Answer: The perfect cover for your new book.

Happy dances were much in evidence a couple of months ago when I logged onto my email account and found a message from someone called Don D'Auria. The name seemed familiar. I opened it. I scanned the contents. Not believing what I'd read, I peered more closely.

I squealed. I jumped up and down (a lot). My husband dashed in. Had I fallen over? Hurt myself?

For goodness sake, woman, tell me what's happened!

I waved the iPad in the air ( a little dangerously I think).

"I've won! I've won! The Samhain competition! I'm one of the four winners!"

And that's when the happy dances started.

The competition was the first to be run by Samhain Horror, but promises to be an annual event. This year, the theme was Gothic and my novella joins Blood Red Roses, by Russell James, Bootleg Cove, by Devin Govaere and Castle by the Sea, by J.G. Faherty. All will be published as individual novellas in the usual e-formats in May 2014, and will then form the anthology, What Waits In The Shadows, to be published in trade paperback in October. Don D'Auria is the executive editor of Samhain Horror and I count myself privileged to be working with him.

Now - I invite you to take another look at that amazing cover. The artist has captured so much of the essence of my story and, as is so often the case, the devil (oh yes!) is in the detail.

First we have the Gothic facade. Linden Manor is indeed an old house- although the present building is simply the latest in a long line of grand houses to have stood on that ground. But take a closer look at the figure. Ghostly, ethereal. She appears as a bride. A beautiful bride on her wedding day, dressed in her fine white gown and veil. But...something's wrong isn't it? Look at her face. Look closely. 

Oh...wait. No, I shouldn't have told you to do that. I really shouldn't. I...

But it's too late now isn't it? You've seen it.You've seen her ravaged face. May God have mercy on your soul...

Here's a little taster of the storyline:

Have you ever been so scared your soul left your body?

All her life, Lesley Carpenter has been haunted by a strange nursery rhyme – The Scottish Bride - sung to her by her great grandmother. She decides to find out more about its origins and her research brings her into contact with the mysterious Isobel Warrender. She is the current hereditary owner of Linden Manor, a grand house steeped in centuries of murky history.

When a visit transforms into a nightmare, Lesley sees the ghost of the Scottish bride of the gruesome rhyme. Worse is to follow when she witnesses a brutal murder from ancient times and discovers a curse that soaks the very earth on which Linden Manor now stands.

Linden Manor will be published on May 6th 2014. 

I wish to thank Julia Kavan for providing so much valuable advice (and a few strategic kicks where necessary) at the draft stages of Linden Manor. She showed me the error of my ways and made sure I produced a story I could be proud of. Thank you, Julia!


  1. Congrats! That cover is creepy and beautiful all at the same time. lol

  2. Nice cover, Cat. Hmm, wait until the readers see what's inside.

  3. What a fabulous cover and storyline, Cat. Can't wait to read it! Looking at the bride's face...hmmmmm....

    1. Thanks Sue. Oh yes, she's...I couldn't possibly say

  4. So thrilled for you Cat. Winning the comp AND that cover--fantastic. It's a great cover. Atmospheric enough to make you want to know what's inside. The house. The bride. Well done girl.

    1. Thanks, Shehanne. I think this artist really connects with the story. It couldn't be more perfect

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