Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Still In The Holiday Mood...

...I return from a week or so of exploring some of Italy's greatest treasures to find that Milady Fury has awarded me with this trophy. Now, she has a Very Inspiring Blog of her own and here it is:

Milady is one for clear, set rules. For this award, the first two are to display the logo and link back to the person nominating you. Job done.

Rule Three - Share seven things about yourself. OK, let's have a bit of fun and keep up that holiday spirit:

1.  I am nocturnal. Really. Most nights, I stay up way into the night and usually get my best story ideas at around two or three in the morning. Then I have to write them down of course.

2.  I am addicted to liquorice. I can't just eat one piece, I have to eat half the bag. Unfortunately, this has led to longer than desirable sessions in the dentist's chair having my teeth deep cleaned or whatever they call it. As I have a pathological fear of dentists, I have reluctantly had to discipline myself to stay away from those enticing little bags of the delicious stuff.

3.  I am terrified of almost every insect imaginable, with the possible exception of ladybirds and butterflies - but I still don't want them in my flat.

4. Apart from the many wonderful sites we visited in southern Italy, I became some sort of magnet for these delightful little lizards and fell in love with them. This one posed for his close up on a stone outside a temple in Paestum. Once I'd taken it, he scampered away.

5. I'm fascinated by Russian imperial history - especially Tsar Nicholas II and his ill-fated family. His whole reign was dogged by tragedy, resulting in the most appalling lack of judgement - especially over their almost total dependence on Rasputin, who convinced them that he was the only one who could help their haemophiliac son, Alexei, I have a long term - as yet unsatisfied - hankering to visit St Petersburg and see where they lived. One day...

6.  In my angst ridden teenage years, I wrote poetry, and read everything by Rod McKuen I could lay my hands on. All these years later, I still enjoy his poems. I love their simplicity and emotion. Curling up with one of his books is one of my guilty pleasures.

7.  If I had a time machine, I would hop into it and travel back to the 1880s and one of Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill's famous dinner parties. Somehow, I would wangle an invitation and enjoy a convivial evening of wit and repartee in the company of the lady herself - Winston Churchill's mother - Oscar Wilde, Lillie Langtry, and maybe even the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) might drop in... 

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Here are my nominees:

Susan Roebuck
Uvi Poznansky
Ute Carbone (Inside The Writer's Garret)


  1. Lol Milady Cavendish. Fury is glad she nominated you now you've revealed all this. A fascination with the Tsar eh? Another thing we share. Now I will make you jealous and tell you I have been to St Petersburg, there Hermitage and all. remind me to tell you the story of nearly arrested in St Petersburg too some day.

    1. Now was this pre or post Glasnost, Shey? Now you've whetted our appetites, you are simply going to have to reveal all...

    2. Sufficient to say it involved a guy...

    3. and it was pre Glasnost so it also involved some guys with guns....

    4. We need details. LOTS of details!

    5. He he. Okay.... Well, it was on a school cruise. By goom they don't do school trips like it these days..
      And of course it being pre glasnost the docks were heavily guarded. You weren't allowed to take a picture or nowt and getting on and off the ship was a nightmare. Anyway my little crowd had a thing going with the pupils of the Royal Belfast Academical know how it is, them all being fellahs. And we would play games all day....card games, cheat mainly with like seven packs of cards. And at the end of the day we would all just keep the handful. Passing them onto one another when we passed each other onshore in strictly guided tours. So anyway my guy thinks it's fun to lean over the side as we were waiting to get back onboard and toss his cards down to me. The next minute I get surrounded by armed guards and marched off with like my two Russian words and my 'I am a passenger aboard the British ship.....' piece of paper. Boy did I also cop it from the moaning cow in charge of our group after they got back on board and she had to get permission to come back onshore and sort it all out. But then that was probably like the 20th time that trip I had copped it from her. I really don't know what it is about me and trouble.

    6. Love it! Your autobiography is going to be a bestseller, Shey!

    7. lol.. Not.
      Doll I was 14 at the time... And the following day, having been told by ..we called her Nellybell Allan,...not to see this older boy again, I was hauled up again for running with him, (Move over Kate and Leo) through the private passenger deck and cabins to escape her.

    8. Just as long as you didn't bump into any icebergs...or Celine Dion

  2. LOL, we were sharing the same fears until you got to lizards--there, you went one way, I the other. S'ok, back again for Imperial Russia.

    1. Oh Incy, if you'd seen their sweet little paws (hands? Feet? Whatever!) So cute. The little lizards I mean, not the Tsar

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