Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ghostly Tales For Christmas

The weather is turning seasonably cold again. My walk today was accompanied by a stiff breeze chilling my cheeks, turning them rosy, while the sun shone in a clear blue sky. the river level is up and a pair of ducks floated downstream on a leisurely afternoon excursion. Under the bridge, the colony of white doves were settling themselves down - some seemed to have dozed off.

All very gentle and peaceful, but if you're like me, when the sun goes down, and the wind begins to howl as we are promised it will any day now, you will want to curl up with something creepy, ghostly...maybe penned by M.R. James or Edgar Allan Poe.

So, the logs are crackling, the flames and shooting red, range and yellow flames up the chimney. Your favourite cat stretches out her paws and emits a contented rumbling purr. The candles flicker and...what's that moving in the shadows? Maybe it's your imagination. Nothing to be afraid of.

Or is it?

Here's a couple of deliciously scary ghost stories for Christmas:

Have a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and thank you for all your support during 2014


  1. Very nice and very scary...Of course I also some Christmas reading courtesy of a certain Catherine Cavendish. You wouldn't happen to know her would you......