Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Maddie had forgotten that cursed summer.

Now she’s about to remember...

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The devil has a new tune; a nostalgic song has become a harbinger of death.

When Maddie Chambers inherits her Aunt Charlotte’s gothic mansion, old memories stir of the long-forgotten summer she turned sixteen. She has barely moved in before a series of bizarre events drives her to question her sanity.

The strains of her aunt’s favorite song echo through the house, the roots of a faraway willow creep through the cellar, a child who cannot exist skips from room to room, and Maddie discovers Charlotte kept many deadly secrets.

Gradually, the barriers in her mind fall away, and Maddie begins to recall that summer when she looked into the face of evil. Now, the long dead builder of the house has unfinished business and an ancient demon is hungry. Soon it is not only Maddie’s life that is in danger, but her soul itself, as the ghosts of her past shed their cover of darkness.

I hear it at the same time as the others. A sigh, running through the entire fabric of the house.

Hargest has heard him...
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  1. Hope you sold a ton. It is a great book xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, Shey. It's done really well, I'm delighted to say. I loved writing this one. It pretty much wrote itself.

  2. I am great fan of horror movies and books and this is one of the best books to be read for those who like to read horror stories like me. I am sure you had sold already tons of this book. 99c is not a big amount for this book infact its nothing.

  3. Ahhh this books sound so amazing! I love horror books so much and this looks like an amazing book!! Can't wait to get my hands on this book!!

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