Friday, 10 November 2017

Where Would This Horror Writer Love to Read?
It has been a hectic few weeks – and still is actually. Thank you to all who have bought, or are intending to buy Wrath of the Ancients. It is wonderful to know people actually want to read something I’ve written.

Bear with me, because I have decided to take a short break – only for as long as it takes me to write this blog post – and maybe a little longer while I indulge in the daydreams it conjures up.

Someone asked me to describe and maybe illustrate my ideal reading space and it set me to thinking – after all, Christmas is only a few weeks away… I haven't written my letter to Santa yet... 

Okay, in my dreams, right? But, hey, I write fiction. To be precise, as you know, my stories tend to be dark, frequently Gothic inspired and mostly with more than a hint of the supernatural. My influences are from the great British traditions of M.R. James, Oscar Wilde, Daphne du Maurier, Dennis Wheatley, Ramsey Campbell, Susan Hill to name just a few.

So, let’s begin. No expense spared. No dream disallowed for reasons of practicality, commonsense or sheer folly.

 An ideal reading space for me, starts with the ideal house. Gothic, of course, with a fascinating hallway…

 Leading to a sumptuous, over the top living room

I love this. I might change a few details though. 

I would definitely acquire this chest. 

  So far, the pictures have come from Pinterest and I have no idea where the décor and furniture originate from but this gorgeous chest can be yours. I found it on a website for a company called Arhaus. Here’s the link:

 The central chandelier in the room is lovely but I also like this one (from the same company -

Hang on, there’s something missing

Ah yes, here it is. A real fire:

 Needless to say, Serafina would have to be there. Can’t have a cozy fire, a perfect reading space and no cat.

There. Now all that remains is for me to settle down and decide which book I’m going to read…

 (With thanks to Arhaus where I found a number of these items. Love the lights and chandeliers!)

Okay, back to work!

"Like the darkest stories of Poe, Stevenson, and Doyle, it is a slow-burning tale of claustrophobia, madness, secrets, and myths." - Beauty in Ruins
"If you haven't had the pleasure to stumble upon Cavendish, Wrath of the Ancients is a great one to introduce yourself." KenMcKinley - Into the Macabre 

 "If you’re looking for a great horror book to read, look no further!  Wrath of the Ancients has all the ingredients for a spooky tale." - Mello and June

  "The apprehension was so intense that I kept looking up from the book, checking every dark corner in my room, making sure no portraits were staring at me." - Black Magic Reviews
"In a world of zombies, vampires and prehistoric sea creatures, Wrath of the Ancients is a breath of fresh air." - Two Book Lovers' Reviews
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  1. dah DAH DAHHHHHHHHH Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You will need that fire to stop the shivers.....

    1. Curling up there as we speak, Shey. Something just the shadows... over THERE!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun post! I hope you get your house one day. You deserve it. xo

  3. This is really spooky haha. Its 3AM at my place and I'm reading this. Thanks for making my sleep go away. I'll share this with my friends to do the same with them.

  4. This is really spooky haha. Its 3AM at my place and I'm reading this. Thanks for making my sleep go away. I'll share this with my friends to do the same with them.
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