Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Loving A Gothic Ghost Story

This week we went to our local Odeon to see Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built and loved it. Before I went, I kind of knew I would. It had all the elements that get me going (in a good way). An eccentric – some might say, veering on the mad – central character, a Gothic house of extraordinary design and stairs leading apparently nowhere, candles, long dark hallways with plenty of polished wood doors, shadowy corners, things moving all by themselves and sudden, scary apparitions.

Set in 1906, the film purports to be inspired by true events. The ever-excellent Helen Mirren plays the real-life reluctant heiress to the Winchester repeating Rifle Company fortune - Sarah Lockwood Winchester – who built rooms to house restless spirits in an effort to help them move on. The result is a most extraordinary house with rambling corridors, precariously perched rooms and building work that continued twenty four hours a day for years.

 The acting, atmospheric set and the whole cinematic experience gave me a riveting 99 minutes entertainment, and I rather think the rest of the audience loved it too.

It gave me the same delicious chilling thrills as the excellent film version of Susan Hill’s classic The Woman in Black.

But what is it about that dark Gothic atmosphere that is so compelling to those of us who are aficionados of the genre? 

 For me, I became hooked at an early age. The works of Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan le Fanu, Mary Shelley to name but three, had me hiding under the blankets on cold winter’s nights as the harsh Yorkshire wind howled around the house adding to the ghostly creepiness I had just read. It felt thrilling, frightening - but in a good way. A safe way. This horror was supernatural. It didn't threaten me. It made me want to write stories like that. Shirley Jackson, M.R. James, Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray) and Susan Hill absorbed me. I devoured Dracula, the Turn of the Screw, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde… The list kept on growing. It still is.

Now I write my own and doing so has given me a real insight into why I love Gothic horror so much. For a start, it is a chance to slip into a different world, live for a time in a magnificent old house with vaulted ceilings, secret rooms, spectres and haunted objects. Fires blaze in elegantly carved stone hearths, history is engraved in every piece of fabric and furnishing. Clocks tick and chime in deep, rich tones and there are shadows in every corner –and lurking within those shadows. Ah, the expectation, the chill up the spine, the tingling and goose-bumps of anticipation. All of this and more keep me writing, reading and watching my favourite horror genre and ensure I am always hungry for more.

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  1. Catherine, your stories are always amazing and bang in the gothic tradition which is why I love them