Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Want to Buy Your Own Haunted Castle?

Well, if you have a few million stashed away somewhere, it could be yours.

Set in magnificent countryside in Fife, Scotland, Earlshall Castle is said to be home to at least two ghosts - from opposite ends of the social spectrum.

One is a young servant girl, the other one of the castle's former owners. Variously thought to be either the spectre of Sir William Bruce, but far more likely to be the ghost of his grandson, known as 'Bloody Bruce' (Sir Andrew Bruce), this spook haunts his old bedroom. Heavy footsteps on the staircase announce his presence.

There are also reports of the ghost of an old woman in the bedroom used by Mary, Queen of Scots. A depression on a bed - as of someone having recently lain there, when no one had - and a knight on horseback wearing full armour has been seen in the grounds. 

The castle dates from 1546 when it was built on the instructions of the aforementioned Sir William,who is probably best known as one of the few earls to fight at the Battle of Flodden and survive. It stands four storeys high and has unusually large windows. Most castle from this period had narrow windows, sufficient to let in light but small enough to deter most stray arrows and other missiles.

 It has always been a private home although it was abandoned during the nineteenth century and left to decay. It was finally restored in 1891 on the instructions of R.W.R. McKenzie who owned a nearby cotton mill. Since then it has changed hands a number of times but is now on the market again.

With its eight reception rooms, three cottages, ten bedrooms and thirty four acres of land, you could move the entire family in and never have to see each other for weeks on end!

 Of course, you would have to share all that space with the resident ghosts who don't look to be moving out anytime soon. 'Bloody Bruce' earned his nickname for chopping off the hands and then head of the Covenanter, Richard Cameron in battle. He then took the body parts back to Edinburgh with him. Take care not to offend him. Even in the afterlife you wouldn't want to earn his vengeance.

Situated close to St Andrews, you could host golfing parties or spend many hours wandering the exquisite parkland and gardens designed by Sir Robert Lorimer in the 1890s. You could even find yourself retracing the steps of Mary, Queen of Scots or of her son, James VI of Scotland/James 1 of England who also spent time here.

Described as being 'magical' by its current owner who now spends much of his time in Holland, the asking price is allegedly a cool £5 million (Savills). So, save up those pennies now and it could be yours! Oh, and please be nice to the ghosts - for your own peace of mind.


  1. Ah...somewhat above my pay grade xxxxxxxx

    1. Mine too I'm afraid. Now if only it could have been on offer for £4.5 million... ;)