The Malan Witch

“Cavendish has a wonderful ability to create Gothic atmospheres and while reading this, I kept thinking it would be a perfect read for a crisp autumn night with the wind rustling outside and a candle flickering in the corner.– Booker T’s Farm

"Naught remained of their bodies to be buried, for the crows took back what was theirs."

An idyllic coastal cottage near a sleepy village. What could be more perfect? for Robyn Crowe, borrowing her sister's recently renovated holiday home for the summer seems just what she needs to deal with the grief of losing her beloved husband.

But behind those pretty walls lie many secrets, and legends of a malevolent sisterhood - two witches burned for their evil centuries earlier. Once, both their vile spirits were trapped there. Now, one has been released. One who is determined to find her sister.

Only Robyn stands in her way.

And the crow has returned...

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