Those Who Dwell In Mordenhyrst Hall


Evil runs deep at Mordenhyrst Hall…

“You have probably visited many a village in your lifetime, but I can pretty much guarantee you have never been to one like Cortney Abbas. For your sake, I hope you never do.”

So begins Grace Sutcliffe’s terrifying account of the time her entire life changed – on the day she first arrived in the village of Cortney Abbas and set eyes on the imposing Gothic edifice of Mordenhyrst Hall.

It is 1928, deep in the heart of rural Wiltshire, England. On the face of it, a picturesque, timeless and peaceful part of the world where nothing much happens and surely nothing evil could penetrate.

But there is something deeply wrong with Cortney Abbas and, as for Mordenhyrst Hall…Grace is struck with an overwhelming sense that something doesn’t want her there.

Within hours of arriving, her fears are realized. She has come there to marry its heir - Viscount Simon Mordenhyrst - with whom she has fallen deeply in love. His family have owned the Hall for generations and acted as feudal lords of the manor. Grace is not of their class. Her father is a Yorkshire mill owner and she has the accent and attitude to prove it. From her first encounter with her future sister-in-law, Cecilia, it is quite clear that she will not be welcomed into the family. But it’s not only Cecilia. Grace’s future as the new Lady Mordenhyrst is threatened on all sides. Cecilia heads a coterie of Bright Young Things whose seemingly frivolous lives hide a sinister intent. Then there’s Simon. As soon as he steps over the threshold of his ancestral home, his attitude changes. He is not the man Grace fell in love with. As for the local villagers, they eye her with suspicion that borders on malevolence.

Cecilia does all she can to humiliate Grace but, at a party, another outsider offers her the hand of friendship. Coralie Duquesne has psychic powers and the ability to communicate with ancient and powerful spirits – a legacy from generations of culturally diverse women in her family. She convinces Grace of her own paranormal gifts – gifts Grace will need to draw on deeply as the secrets of Mordenhyrst Hall begin to unravel.

But these secrets are rooted far deeper than the foundations of Mordenhyrst Hall. The entire village is infested with a legacy so evil, it transcends the laws of nature.

In a world where nothing is as it appears to be, Grace and Coralie must seek out and find the truth – whatever the personal cost.

What The Reviewers Are Saying:

'Terrific, creepy locations and an engaging mystery that shifts gears into a morality play of good versus evil.’ – Daniel Robichaud –

‘Classic gothic horror from the Queen of Gothic Horror’ – James Lefebure, author of The Books of Sarah

‘I loved everything about this atmospheric gothic horror, and the ending came as quite a shocking surprise!' - Lovetoread42

‘Horror fans, this gothic horror story will have you ready to leave an extra light on’ Erica Robyn Writes

'Highly enjoyable and well worth your time!’ - runalongwomble

'The sense of dread that hangs over the novel is almost palpable from the very first’ – A Reviewer Darkly

‘If you like a good eerie, gripping horror, this is definitely for you!’ - Mirandas_bookscape

‘I do love a good spooky story and this was definitely that!’ - @lauren.bookstagram3

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