Saturday, 24 October 2020

Flame Tree - Live and Spooky for Halloween

We stirred up our cauldrons, dusted off your broomsticks and lit up our Jack O'Lanterns for the first ever Flame Tree Publishing Halloween Creepy Carnival of horrific delights.

So, what happened?

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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Midnight in the Pentagram -


Stir your cauldrons...
Mount your broomsticks
Get ready to be scared...unnerved...terrified
And whatever you do
No matter what the provocation
Never step outside the pentagram

Halloween is upon us and your favourite writers of the horrific, supernatural, witchy and downright scary, have come together to present a hellish feast of devilish delights:

Lario Tus/
As the clock’s pendulum steadily counts down towards the midnight hour, the growing scent of brimstone hangs heavy in the air. The universal symbol of all that is evil, the pentagram, or the inverted pentacle, has been carved in the hardwood floor. Its shape is often described as the goat of lust attacking the Heavens with its horns during the witches’ sabbat. Five obsidian candles flicker as the incantations begin. Who will be summoned during this unholy evening? Will it be Baphomet? Or Belial? Maybe even Lucifer himself? The roof timbers groan. Stressed plaster drops to the floor. The demon approaches, holding its ancient grimoire filled with evil stories, written in blood…and here they are.

Authors include:

Brian Keene/ Graham Masterton/ Tim Curran/ Catherine Cavendish/ James Newman/ Todd Keisling/ Jason Parent/ Stephanie Ellis/ Chad Lutzke/ Tim Meyer/ Tony Tremblay /Laurel Hightower/ Kenneth W. Cain/ J.G. Faherty/ William Meikle/ Shannon Felton/ Owl Goingback/ Wesley Southard/ Charlotte Platt/ Cameron Ulam/ Brian Moreland/ Armand Rosamilia/ Kenneth McKinley/ Azzurra Nox/ John Quick/ Allan Leverone/ Mark Steensland/ P.D. Cacek/ Ed Erdelac/ Mark Towse/ Amanda Hard

Fer Gregory/

As for my contribution:
The Oubliette of Élie Loyd has its roots in some horrific stories of the dastardly Baron Despencer - founder of the notorious 18th century Hellfire Club, where it is said devil worship and all kinds of evil took place - and in my own visits to some of Britain's most spectacular castles, where dark deeds and foul oubliettes are to be found aplenty.

Here we have a devil with an insatiable hunger and a family with a deadly heritage. In the ruins of a once magnificent castle, an oubliette is ready for its next occupant...

Midnight in the Pentagram is published by Silver Shamrock publishing and available here: