Wednesday 26 January 2022

In Darkness, Shadows Breathe...For only 99c/99p!


"Cavendish shines in the ways she’s connected to the story, making herself vulnerable to not only her readers but to the ghosts that haunt her." -- Aiden Merchant

The above extract from a review by Aiden Merchant struck a real chord with me. Of all the novels, novellas and short stories I have written so far, In Darkness, Shadows Breathe is the one that resonates the most. The reason is simple. My character, Nessa, is suffering from the same cancer I had. Not that this book is in any way the story of a woman battling the Big C, but her tangled emotions are ones I identify with closely.

Of course, in my case, I didn't also have to fight a deadly evil lurking in the corridors of a hospital. Nor did I have to take on surreal time-slips, doors which shouldn't have been there, or a fellow patient with something rather more than a medical problem!

And that's only for starters. What about Carol? The main character of the first half of the story?

Ah...but that would be telling too much, wouldn't it?

Find out for yourself and, if you act now, you'll get the full story for only 99cents or 99p depending on whether you live in the UK, US, Canada or Australia.

"...if there is a crown of queen of gothic horror, [Catherine Cavendish] should be wearing it." — Modern Horrors

"A compelling, immersive, and intense time-slip horror novel with sympathetic characters that readers actively root for. The tale reads like The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle if it were written by Sarah Pinborough." -- Library Journal

"Cavendish breathes new life into familiar horror tropes in this spine-tingling tale of past and present colliding" - Publishers' Weekly

“In Darkness, Shadows Breathe” is a treat for those who are in the mood for scary, supernatural horror." Rajiv’s Reviews

You're next...

Carol and Nessa are strangers, but not for much longer.

In a luxury apartment and in the walls of a modern hospital, the evil that was done continues to thrive. They are in the hands of an entity that knows n boundaries and crosses dimensions - bending and twisting time itself - and where danger waits in every shadow. The battle is on for their bodies and souls, and the line between reality and nightmare is hard to define.

Through it all, the words of Lydia Warren Carmody haunt them. But who was she? And why have Carol and Nessa been chosen?

The answer lies deep in the darkness...

From Jan 26th-30th In Darkness, Shadows Breathe is available for only 99c/99p from:

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  1. In Darkness Shadows Breathe is a fabulous story. I hope with the sale you get lots of new readers. Cool tee shirt!

  2. Well worth that. (And more.)

  3. I did find out for myself! I got it for sale on Kobo and devoured it over the weekend when I could stay up late reading. I loved everything about it - characters, setting, atmosphere...all of it! This was my first book of yours and I can honestly say I'm a new fan and look forward to reading more, thank you!