Thursday 13 July 2023

The After-Death of Caroline Rand - Out Now!


At a weekend house party at ancient Canonbury Manor, Alli is caught between fantasy and reality, past and present, in the life of Caroline Rand, a famous singer from the late Sixties, who reportedly killed herself in that house. Alli soon learns that evil infests the once-holy building. A sinister cabal controls it, as it has for centuries. Before long, her fate will be sealed, and she will learn about her role in the after-death of Caroline Rand.

It begins with a chilling greeting: "Welcome to The Columbine, Miss Sinclair. You are expected."

What Reviewers Have Said:

‘A chilling tale filled with secrets and time jumps that slowly reveal the darkness that’s lurking deep within Canonbury Manor.’ – Erica Robyn Reads

The After-Death of Caroline Rand is surprising, ingenious and very atmospheric. A great supernatural tale to listen to with a 60s sidetrack alongside it watch out for the darker shadows. Highly recommended!’ - Runalongwomble

‘The currently reigning queen of gothic horror’ – Daniel Robichaud, Considering Stories

‘If you are looking for a novel that will challenge your perceptions and force you to question reality while taking you on a rollercoaster of a ride through time, The After-Death of Caroline Rand is the novel for you.’ – A Reviewer Darkly

'The best Catherine Cavendish yet.' - Russell James, author of Demon Dagger

‘I was completely chilled and hooked from the very first page’ – Daisy Blacklock @_the_book_reviewer_1

'Dream sequences, time travel, spooky monks, and an attic area to give you nightmares-  - Silkybookloverfun

'If spooky is your type of genre, you need to pick yourself up this book.' - Twoladiesandabook

‘I do love the way Catherine tells her stories, and it’s no different here. She had me enraptured, all the while trying to figure
out what the heck would happen!- Zooloo’s Book Diary

‘Great for fans of slow burn horror and multiple timelines/points of view.’ – Stephhorrormama

‘Throughout the book, we have lots of twists to keep us guessing, with dark details to keep the tension high.’ – Naturalbri_books

‘The book is very strong and definitely is a strong contender for book of the year. It also has made me want more by this author as she has such a great ability to make her concepts come to life.’ – Crazy Canadian Writing

‘Reminded me of Rosemary’s Baby, The Haunting of Hill House, Come Closer (by Sara Gran), gothic horror fans would enjoy! - The Vampire’s Library

The After-Death of Caroline Rand is available here:

and all good bookshops - in the high street or online

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