The Devil's Serenade

 "Catherine’s writing is intelligent and brings an elegance back to horror that has been missing for years. The Devil’s Serenade is a true testament to her body of work." - Beneath The Underground
“An excellent, back-to-the-basics haunted house story - a Gothic horror which doesn’t get too mired in on itself. The Devil’s Serenade builds a sense of dread, with genuine scares, right up to the climax.” —Daniel G. Keohane, Bram Stoker nominated author

I absolutely love Cat's books. Hers are very different from what you may be used to. If you've never read one of her books before, I highly recommend you start here” – Cat After Dark

“The denouement scared me pale. Read with the lights on...and ignore those noises upstairs.” – Mallory Heart Reviews

"This is a haunted house tale as full of memories and regrets as it is demons and spirits. More importantly, it's a story where the house itself is part of the story." - Beauty in Ruins  

"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good creepy story." - FangFreakin-tastic Reviews
"Ms Cavendish weaves a mysterious and spine tingling tale." - Just a Little R&R

"Fans of gothic horror are sure to eat this book up" -

“There's plenty of twists, turns, and doubt… horror and ghost-loving fans will really like to sink into this one.”- The Reader’s Hollow
 "Great, classic horror. Keeps you turning the pages faster!" - Maddie's Book Reviews

 "The Devil’s Serenade is a great, new haunted house tale that is packed with tension and has a few fantastic surprises along the way." - 2 Book Lovers' Reviews

 "A great book to curl up with on a stormy night." - Horror Maiden's Book Reviews

 "This is definitely a must read. It was hella scary. I couldn’t get enough" - Mello and June's Book Reviews 

"Dark and strange... The Devil's Serenade will keep you on your toes and leaving the light on to keep away the shadows." - Bibliophilic Book Blog

Maddie had forgotten that cursed summer. Now she's about to remember...

When Maddie Chambers inherits her Aunt Charlotte’s gothic mansion, old memories stir of the long-forgotten summer she turned sixteen. She has barely moved in before a series of bizarre events drives her to question her sanity.

The strains of her aunt’s favorite song echo through the house, the roots of a faraway willow creep through the cellar, a child who cannot exist skips from room to room, and Maddie discovers Charlotte kept many deadly secrets.

Gradually, the barriers in her mind fall away, and Maddie begins to recall that summer when she looked into the face of evil. Now, the long dead builder of the house has unfinished business and an ancient demon is hungry. Soon it is not only Maddie’s life that is in danger, but her soul itself, as the ghosts of her past shed their cover of darkness.

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