Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Golden Fleece - York's Most Haunted Pub?

Many would certainly say so.Indeed I have taken some photographs there myself and one of them (shown here) contained a rather interesting phenomenon known as an orb. Have a look at the white sphere on the right hand side of the photo.
No, it's not a reflection, a fault on the camera, a mark on the lens, a little Photoshop magic or a dab of Tippex. I don't know what it is but it IS curious.

Of course, one little orb is small fry to regulars of The Golden Fleece, who sup with a bony character called Mr Skellington and report phenomena ranging from the odd footstep to full blown manifestations.
Your round - or his?

Immediately you enter, you know it's the sort of place that just has to be haunted. Dating from 1503, it is said to be built on stilts, rather than solid foundations, and there are indeed some strange angles and undulations! The building has remained largely unchanged, except for the removal of an archway from the front.

Lord John Peckett, Mayor of York in 1702, once owned the premises, and his wife, Lady Alice, is said to haunt the building to this day. Another famous ghost is that of a Canadian airman, Geoff Monroe, who died while staying in Room 4 of the Inn in 1945. People sleeping in that room have since been frightened by his icy fingers waking them and terrified to see him standing there dressed in full uniform. The poor man threw himself - or maybe fell - from the window.

In 2002, a group on a ghost tour were scared by the appearance of a man, dressed in 17th century clothes, who walked through a wall, across a corridor and towards the Shambles Bar. What terrified them most was that he paused and stared straight at them before resuming his phantom walk.

One of their number was a sceptic.

He isn't any longer. 

In 2005, the Most Haunted team led by Yvette Fielding, staged an all night vigil. As you'll see here, they did not have a peaceful night.Most Haunted, Golden Fleece 

The Golden Fleece is a must-visit for all fans of the paranormal and, as you'll see on their website, they're not shy when it comes to introducing you to their spirits of a different kind...


  1. A cold shiver has just gone down my spine.

  2. Ah yes, Gilli. But, you know, it has a lovely atmosphere as well. I reckon some very happy (hic!) spirits wander around here. Maybe they just couldn't always find their way home...

  3. Cool. Sounds a fun place to visit.

  4. It is. We're going up there at the end of August for Steve Emmett's booksigning https://www.facebook.com/events/494278947254351/

  5. We, My In-Laws Fiancé and myself visited on the 25th July 2012. We again visited today for a refreshing drink 27th July 2012.
    It was when we were sat outside that my Father in law noticed his watch stated the 25th on his calendar display. Even more strange was the fact that mine did also. The date we last visited. This surely has got to be a paranormal experience/interaction and not merely a coincidence !!!

  6. Wow! Goosebump moment for sure. Very spooky

  7. I hadn't read this one Cat. So thank you for sending me the link and the pic. I do like to drink there when in York and yes, it does kind of teem and not with punters either !

    1. One of the creepiest places I have ever visited. A very spooky incident involving a smashed beer glass took place while I was there one evening...