Monday 17 September 2018

Haunted are these Houses

“Mirror wax and mirror wane,

Mirror where my soul has lain,

Mirror of the devil spawn

Mirror ‘til the morning dawn.”

My original short story, Miss Emmeline's Mirror, features in this collection of gothic-inspired fiction and poems out on September 18th from Unnerving.
In addition to the fabulous authors featured on the cover, I am sharing space with the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Emily and Charlotte Bronte, Shelley and Herman Melville. Whoever would have thought  I would have been in such illustrious company? The full list looks like this:
The Forbidden Room – Hailey Spencer
The Silence of Aeolian Hall –
Moira Gillen
The Owl –
S. L. Edwards
Thincoldnightwindkeenslikeabanshee –
John Kiste
The Visionary –
Emily & Charlotte Bronte
Our Room of Walking Coffins –
Stephanie Wytovich
The Shadows on the Wall –
Mary Wilkins Freeman
Sister –
Megan Mary Moore
Dark Room –
Benjamin Chirlin
From the Dusty Mesa –
David Busboom
The Apparition –
Herman Melville
Home Sweet Hideaway –
Brian James Lewis
The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future –
Christi Nogle
The Castle at the End of the World –
Sheldon Woodbury
Love as Eternal as Death –
Joseph Vanburen
The Brothers –
Erin McNair
Landscape of a Haunting –
E. F. Schraeder
Devotion –
John McIlveen
Nine –
Tobias Radloff
Beansidhe –
Shannon Conner Winward 
Rose-Sick – Gemma Files
In the Darkened Hours – Bruce Boston
William Wilson – Edgar Allan Poe
Four Locks and Sunday Hair Pins – Angela Zimmerman
Bloodbuzz of Ravens – Sara Tantlinger
Sisters– Chris McGinley
Bat in the Boiler Room – Ashley Dioses
Prometheus Unbound – Percy Bysshe Shelley
Rebecca's Return – J. T. Seate
Evelen -or- the Spanish Place – W. P. Osborne
The Call of the House of Usher – Annie Neugebauer
Cherry Tree – J. Martin
Miss Emmeline’s Mirror – Catherine Cavendish
Inheritance – Christina Sng 
As for my's the theme:

 A frightened mother, a missing child and a house with a dark history. What is the secret of Miss Emmeline's mirror?
Haunted Are These Houses is out on September 18th and is available to order now from:

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