Dark Avenging Angel

 "Dark Avenging Angel is a fantastic read. This novel will consume you and your free time. It is a standout story that reminds me why I love horror literature." – Horror Underground

Cavendish breaks the mould and unleashes a hellacious, creepy tale with spirits, the tormented and an overall thread of redemption.”- Horrornews.net

 "I discovered Cat Cavendish's books not too long ago and she very quickly became one of my to-be-hoarded authors.  Angel is a perfect example of her writing." - Cat After Dark
"Dark Avenging Angel wasn't quite the novel I expected - it's something deeper, more well-rounded, and more emotionally relevant because of it." - Beauty in Ruins

"A riveting story, Dark Avenging Angel plants unforgettable roots in the reader's mind." The Haunted Reading Room

I have not felt this excited by a horror since reading Susan Hill. I look forward to reading more from this hugely talented author.” – Ajoobacats Blog

"I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a scarier read." - Fictional Candy 

"For an original, thought-provoking, and captivating read, look no further." - Books are Delicious

"Dark Avenging Angel is a beautiful and haunting horror story." - The Bibliographic Book Blog

Don't hurt Jane - you may live to regret it

Bullied by her abusive father, Jane always felt different. Then the lonely child found a friend in a mysterious dark lady who offers her protection—a lady she calls her “angel”. But that protection carries a terrible price, one to be paid with the souls of those Jane chooses to suffer a hideous and eternal fate.

When Jane refuses to name another victim, the angel reveals her most terrifying side. Payment must be made in full—one way or the other.

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