Saving Grace Devine

Great characters, great unexpected turns and a climax the feels true to some of King’s less forgiving conclusions” – Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews

"Prepare to be terrified! Prepare to be captivated!" - Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes at Mallory Heart Reviews

"If you love Gothic literature, Cat's the new author on the prowl... - Erin Al-Mehairi, Oh, For The Hook of a Book

"Wonderfully creepy" Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

Can the living help the dead...and at what cost?

When Alex Fletcher finds a painting of a drowned girl, she’s unnerved. When the girl in the painting opens her eyes, she is terrified. And when the girl appears to her as an apparition and begs her for help, Alex can’t refuse.

But as she digs further into Grace’s past, she is embroiled in supernatural forces she cannot control, and a timeslip back to 1912 brings her face to face with the man who killed Grace and the demonic spirit of his long-dead mother. With such nightmarish forces stacked against her, Alex’s options are few. Somehow she must save Grace, but to do so, she must pay an unimaginable price.

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  1. Yes1! Another thriller from Cat. I love the title. And the cover is brilliant. Very very evocative of something ....not quite right.....shiver

    1. Thanks, Shehanne. And you're right, there's something very wrong there...